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Images of the World CD-ROM Volume 1
Photography, Design and Layout:
Mark Fleming

Translation and Proofing:
Diego D'Alessio
Suzanne Armstrong
Maurice Bélanger
Peter Botros
Shawn Leclaire
Linda Soutar
Yan Calotychos

Software Testing:
Maurice Bélanger
Steve Hellyer
Shawn Leclaire
Cari-lynn McSorly
Kingston Macintosh User Group

Software Tools:
Adobe PhotoShop
Code Warrior
iView MultiMedia

Mac OS X software:
PhotoMover, PhotoCircus, and MSM IP Setup
special thank's to Bonnie my Wife, Julian Miller, Ian Crew, and Alex Ester.
Last Updated: 9 Dec 2002 Copyright (c) 1989, 1992, 1996-2002, By R. Mark Fleming and its licensors.