CTC History



  • Enable draging of file to Splash screen
  • Enabled URL clicking on splash screen, if Internet Config v1.1 or later is installed


  • Fix balloon help and updated AppleGuide to make WWW link active for NetScape.


  • Added support for InterNet Config suffix matching to set FileType & Creator After using IC the File type return by IC is confirmed updated if needed using internal header check. Creatur return by IC is not change. If IC is not installed, the old method is used.
  • Add preference dialog box to set Use Internet Config, and batch mode option.

    V2.0.2 changes by Mark Fleming <MarkF@Queensu.CA>, June 8th, 1996

  • Added Stuffit Achives 'SITD' and IBMpc '.EXE' files.
  • Added Adobe Acrobat 'PDF '
  • Added balloon help to the dialogs

    V2.0.1 changes by Mark Fleming <MarkF@Queensu.CA>, Feb 11th, 1996

  • added default creator for PiNG file type, and change default of 'PNGf' to 'PiNG' to match HTML Viewer V1.2
  • Fix bug were error 1 is reported when the user cancel changes.

    V2.0 changes by Mark Fleming <MarkF@Queensu.CA>, Dec. 7th, 1995

  • Added auto suggesting of correct file types for: Format of the file (creator) - File Types Audio Interchange files - AIFF, AIFC Windows .WAV sound file - WAVE Next/Sun ULaw sound file - ULAW QuickTime Movie - MooV
  • Added support for dropping folders and disk on to CTC (Requires desktop to be rebuilt, if updating from older version of CTC).
  • Added support (via Drop Shell V2.0) for AppleScript, as a result CTC requires system 7 or later.

    v1.7 changes by Mark Fleming <MarkF@Queensu.CA>, June 15th, 1994

  • Added auto suggesting of correct file types for: Format of the file (creator) - File Type PICT files (ttxt-TeachText) - PICT PhotoShop V2.5 files (8BIM) - 8BPS Common Ground™ files (CGVM) - CGDC JPEG (JIFF) files - JPEG

  • Added autotype check for batching files, if autotype of next file in the group dropped is different it will prompt you again.
  • Converted to Codewarrior (next version will be a fat application PPC + 68K code).

    v1.6 Modified by Mark Fleming <MarkF@Queensu.CA>

  • Added code to display the current setting of the file before any changes.
  • Added option to only change type or creator
  • Changed EOL code to use Finder temporary Memory and only change file of type 'TEXT'
  • Added error checking and reporting routine
  • Added Balloon Help for System 7's finder
  • Added reading Application name for Creators entered from DeskTop database if exists and display it next to create entered.
  • read file header and check for correct header for "TIFF", "BMP", "GIFf", and "EPSF" and suggest the correct file type.

    v1.5 Modified by Pete R. Jemian, jemian@tmnxt1.iit.edu, Late-Nite(tm) Software

  • Option was added to convert TEXT files to the chosen system of EOL (end-of-line) characters.

    v1.4 ChangeTypeCreator.c

  • Change the file type and creator of any file dropped onto this program. Prompts for the file type and creator, and changes all files dropped at the same time to the same type and creator.

    V1.4 written by Brian Bechtel, based on code by Juri Munkki, Feel free to use the code in your programs.