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QT Float for MacOS supports After Dark, DarkSide, Nova and Setting Sun screen savers. For installation and requirements: See Requirements
and your screen saver make: AfterDark Instructions, DarkSide Instructions, Nova Instructions, or Setting Sun Instructions

QT Float Configuration Options:

Adjust "Drift Speed" and "Change Rate" as desired, as well as any other options listed below;

Screen Saver Option Image

Change Rate control number of seconds (1 - 120sec) between Text Message changes and Image changes, if the Scan Folder option is checked. Movies change once they finish.

Drift Speed is the speed the image or movie drifts across the screen. On slow CPU this speed is limited by the speed of the CPU.

Multi-File Scan and Scan Sub-Folders options control, if only one image or movie is display or all readable QuickTime files are displayed.

Show options for the Images and the text message: They allow you to disable these graphics and text from being shown.

The Position menu, controls the movement and location of all images and movies. Images are scaled down to fit the screen, if needed. Movement options include: Bounce, Move long the bottom of the screen for both Text message and Graphic/Movie image.

Font Size menu controls the Maximum font size. The size is scaled to fit text on the screen.

The Set Text Color button control the font color.

Text Message selection: View the lists of Words and Phrases randomly; Custom allows you to put one custom message on the screen; Date and Time use the current date and time. The Date and Time control panel's controls the format of the message; Finder Comment use the MacOS Finder's Get Info... comment box as the message. If this does not exists, it try the Adobe PhotoShop Information resource.

Play Audio CD only works with Apple CD-ROM Driver.

View the lists of Words and Phrases.

Supported Image and Movie Formats:

The following still image formats are supported by the QT Float screen saver:
QuickTime v2.5 supports: JPEG, GIF, PhotoShop 2.5/3.0/4.0, SGI .rgb, MacPaint, QuickTime, PICT and QuickTime v3.0 also adds support for: Progressive JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TARGA, QuickDraw GX (if installed), Windows BMP QuickTime v4.0 also support more formats including, MP3 audio files, and streaming of video.
Only QuickTime Movie formats is supported. MPEG is support on PPC only, Windows AVI movies are support via QuickTime v4.0 or later.

Note: By default the selected file is an image on the Images of the World CD-ROM. If the CD-ROM is not in, select cancel and change the setting to your favourate set of movie(s) or picture(s).

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Feedback and new feature requests are welcome. Look for enhanced versions to include message editing and more image display features. Send e-mail to: markf@kagi.com

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