QT Float(tm) Screen Saver for Windows 95, 98 and NT
Copyright ©1998-2000 By Mark Fleming <markf@kagi.com> and its licensors.

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  QT Float(TM) is a QuickTime screen saver that will display any still image QuickTime will read and or play QuickTime movies and readble sound files. We hope that you find it attractive.

It has options to scan and display all images and movies in a directory. If you don't have any images, select an Image in the Sample Directory provided with this archive.

QT Float V1.60 Minimum System Requirements:

  • QuickTime 3 or later (available online http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/).
  • Color Monitor with 256 colors or better (thousands of colors is recommended).
  • 1 MB of free memory (depends on Monitor color depth and size of images being displayed).

Download QT Float(tm) as a ZIP (534K),
Shareware pay for On-Line $25.00us

This module shows a single image or Movie or a series of images and/or QuickTime movies from a folder, on the screen.

Installation instructions for Windows:

  1. Copy the screen saver module (QT Float.SCR) from the CD-ROM into the "Windows" directory on the "C" drive.
  2. Under the "View" menu, drag down to "Refresh".
  3. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select "Properties".
  4. Click the "Screen Saver" tab, then select the screen saver module, QT FLOAT, from the list (if it does not appear, make sure you have completed step #2).
  5. Click the "Settings" button to configure, then select the image file or QuickTime movie to float around the screen.

    It is still possible to installed, but not use this screen saver if QuickTime 3 Missing. The about setting windows indicate QuickTime is missing. The following is the settings dialog that is displayed when QuickTime (QT) is installed.

    Change Rate control number of seconds (1 - 120sec) between Text Message changes and Image changes, if the Scan Directory option is checked. Movies change once they finish.

    Drift Speed is the speed the image or movie drifts across the screen. On slow CPU this speed is limited by the speed of the CPU.

    The Center button, if checked center all images and movies. Images are scaled down to fit the screen, if needed.

    The Text Messages Format button control the font and color of the font. The font Style is ignored and the Size is used, but the size will be scaled down if needed to fit the text in the screen. View the lists of Words and Phrases for these text message options. To hide all text uncheck Show option.

  6. (Optional) Click "Preview".
  7. "Exit".

Supported Image and Movie Formats:

The following still image formats are supported for reading the images:
QuickTime v2.5 supports: JPEG, GIF, PhotoShop 2.5/3.0/4.0, SGI .rgb, MacPaint, QuickTime, PICT and QuickTime v3.0 also adds support for: Progressive JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TARGA, QuickDraw GX (if installed), Windows BMP QuickTime v4.0 and 5.0 add support for better content streaming of QuickTime movies. QuickTime 6 adds support for MPEG-4 video, AAC audio, JPEG2000, and Instant-On streaming.
Only QuickTime Movie formats (inlcuding MPEG4) are supported. Local content and content streamed over the Internet is alaso supported. MPEG2 is support if MPEG2 decoding software is purchased from Apple.
A special version of this module is available, for advertizement including your a company logo in the top left of the screen. Contact us to license this module with your company logo in the Screen Saver (also available for MacOS - QT Float with the same features).

licensed version can also include your custom word list and phrase list, and custom imbedded images. Company logo and picture must be in Macintosh PICT, BMP or Photoshop (.PSD, 72dpi) format. We can preset and hide any user setup option as needed.

Feedback and new feature requests are welcome. Look for enhanced versions to include message editing and more image display features. Send e-mail to: markf@kagi.com

v1.10 - Jan 1997 - Used in SDK
V1.40 - Dec 1998 - First Release to public.
v1.52 - July 1999 - Added options for random effects, Support for QuickTime Streaming, and separate images and movie options.
v1.60 - Jan 2000 - Updated to same feature set as MacOS version of the QT Float's custom screen saver System Development system. Added sub-directory scanning option


Updated: 28 Oct 2002