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CMM plugin Icon Contextual Menu Manager (CMM) plugin's

CMM Installation:

All CMM plugins should be placed with your other Contextual Menu plugins, usually in the Contextual Menu Items folder. To install on System 8.0 or later, drag the plugin onto the system folder when it is closed and restart.

All errors are reported by a Beep.

CMM's Requirements: PowerPC and System 8.0 or later.
Localized version available: in German, and French.
The following CMM have been tested for Year 2000.


QT Still Graphics CMM translator is licenced per computer.

LockCMPlugin and ChangeTypeCreatorCMPlugin are Freeware. They must be distributed with QT Still Graphics CMM plugin and documenation.

For site licenses and bundling QT Still Graphics CMM with your projects contact Mark Fleming < > for pricing. An unlimited educational site license for this CMM plugin is available for $100.00US / translator / School District or University.

The Images of the World - Vol#1 CD-ROM contains one licence for QT Still Graphics CMM translator.

Contact information:

R. Mark Fleming
521 Albert Street
Kingston, Ontario,
Canada, K7K 4M5

Web: <>
Email: < >

LockCMPlugin CMM v1.03, Freeware

Hold the Control Key down and click on highlighted folder(s) and/or file(s). Contextual Menu Manager (CMM) will give you an option menu to Lock or Unlock folders and/or files relative to current settings. Note: Folder can only be locked if file sharing is enabled.

QT Still Graphics CMM, Shareware $20.00

Requires: QT 2.5 or later. Some features require QuickTime 3.0 or later.

The following still image formats are supported for reading the images:

QuickTime v2.5 supports: JPEG, GIF, PhotoShop 2.5/3.0/4.0, SGI .rgb, MacPaint, QuickTime, PICT and QuickTime v3.0 also adds support for: Progressive JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TARGA, QuickDraw GX (if installed), Windows BMP
Hold the Control Key down and click on supported still image file formats. Contextual Menu Manager (CMM) will give you an option menu to:
  1. When you select only one file. You get an option to copying the still image to the clipboard using QuickTime 2.5 or later. Or copy to the clibboard the still image's thumbnail of the image (requires QuickTime 3.0 or later).

    Possible errors:

    - Out of memory or unsupport file format.

  2. Converting images to other formats (requires QuickTime 3.0 or later).

    With QuickTime 3.0 installed you can convert from any readable QT 3.0 format and save it in the following QuickTime supported formats: JPEG, BMP, PICT, QuickTime Still Image and Photoshop format. The correct windows extension will be added to the file name.

    Possible errors:

    - Unsupported input format.. - Duplicate file name, the file is left unchanged.

  3. Add or Remove Winodws three change suffix on one file or multiply files. For the Macintosh Picture file call "picture1" the plugin will give you the option on the left. For the file "myImage.gif", the option on the right is given.

    Possible errors:

    - Duplicate file name and file is left unchanged.
    - Only 3 character suffixes are check for (.JPEG, .HTML, and other four character suffixes will not be removed. Suffix will be add at end of the file name).

ChangeTypeCreatorCMPlugin CMM, Freeware

This CMM plugin is a complementatary of the CTC application. It does not allow you to do as much as CTC, but it is more convenet for general graphics and selection of other commmon files.

Example of using CTC CMMPlugin to correct the file type and creator of an Acrobat Reader file downloading from the web. Since web site was not configured with the PDF mime type and the user save the file to disk (as you may with to view the file off-line later) the file would be more useful if you could double click on the icon and have it open Acrobat Reader directly. To correct this with CTC Plugininstall do the following:

  1. Select the file to correct
  2. Control-Click on one of the files.
  3. Select Set File Type and Creator menu item.
The second step above results in the Contextual Menu being shown below.
CMM screen dump
and with the corrected file information the ICON is correct and the file is double clickable

Any valid Image file (and a few other known file types) wth the wrong file type, the CM plugin will attempt to determine the File Format and give you an option to correct the file type. File type. The file types: 'TEXT', '????', 'BINA' are common incorrect file type for file transfered from other types of computers.

QT Graphics Importer XTND translator, and other applications require correct Macintosh file types to be set to be able to open and use the images.

File type CTC internet header check knows about:

Format of the file (creator) File Type
Adobe Acrobat 'PDF '
Audio Interchange files AIFF, AIFC
Common Ground™ files (CGVM) CGDC
IBMpc '.EXE' files mdos
Next/Sun ULaw sound file ULAW
PICT files (ttxt-TeachText) PICT
PhotoShop V2.5 files (8BIM) 8BPS
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) PiNG
QuickTime Movie MooV
Rich Text Format (RTF) RTF or TEXT (set in Preferences).
Stuffit Achives SITD
Window BMP, BMPf
Windows .WAV sound file WAVE

Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Conversion Tools:

Drag and Drop Translation Tools: BMP / PICT | EPS Preview Converter | Change Type and Creator (CTC)
Contextual Menu Manager Plugin's: Lock / Unlock | Change Type and Creator | QT Still Graphics
XTND Translators: BPC PaintBrush (PCX) | QT Graphics Importer | StartUp Screen Translator | WMF/BMP Translator

Screen Savers:

QT Float(tm) MacOS and QT Float(tm) for Windows 95, 98 and NT.
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