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QT Float(tm) Screen Saver Message Text: Words and Phraes

Committed, Confident, Concentration, Courageous,
Involved, Inspiration,
Passion for life, Peace of mind, Peaceful, Participation, Positive attitude, Productive,
Respect, Responsible,
Satisfaction, Sensitive, Spontaneous,
Thoughtful, Tolerant, Trustworthy,
Understanding, and

  1. Only a person who RISKS is free.
  2. Whatever you can do, or dream you can - begin it - boldness has genius, power and magic in it
    W. N. Murray
  3. Be before you can do...Do before you can have.
  4. Rut =A Grave with the ends not filled in.
  5. When you stop listening to me, I will stop listening to you.
  6. My job is to help people who want to be helped,
    outside of that I'm not qualified!
  7. Seeing Hearing Doing
  8. Failure is an event not a person
  9. Failure is a reason to start again.
  10. 5000 time to invent the light bulb,
    but 4999 ways it did not work. Thomas Edison
  11. 100% Intention + 1 Mechanism = 100% Action.
  12. Every stranger is a friend you have not met yet!
  13. Love people and Use things.
    Will Rogers.
  14. To change the world we have to start with ourselves
    (Nikken Silver Training)
  15. There is nothing in the world I can't do.
    I can do Anything!!!
  16. If it is to be,
    it is up to me!
  17. If you don't ask,then the answer is NO!
  18. You can fool some of the people some of the time and fool all of the people some of the time.
    PT Barnum.
  19. Objections are stepping stones on the way to a sale - Put the shoe on his foot.
  20. Try = can't or Won't DO
    I will = commitment or success.
  21. Teach a person to fish feed a person for a life.
    Teach a person to teach a person to fish and feed them for eternity.
  22. If there is anything stopping youget over it!!!
  23. Stop selling and start sharing!!
  24. People are persuaded more by the depth of your conviction that the height of your knowledge.
  25. If you can,so can I., and
  26. A Healthy World withHealthy People.

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