For release as dated: " QT Float Screen Saver MacOS and Windows 95/98/ME/NT"

December 21, 1998. Announcing " QT Float(tm) " a QuickTime based screen saver for MacOS and Windows. With full support for displaying all QuickTime still image formats and QuickTime Movies include streamed movies.

Relax as QT Float screen saver displays a single picture or movie or a seriers of images and/or QuickTime movies for your enjoyment. Turn your computer into a presentation machine when its not in use.

Using the Screen Saver to give a presentation

To have a presentation run when your not using the computer. To do this, in the Screen saver set the options as follows:
Setting the Finder's Comment:
MacOS: In the finder: Assemble a folder of movies and pictures. Set the Get Info... comments of the movies and pictures to describe them. Note: Finder limit is 200 characters / file for this comment.

Windows users can also do the same thing except, they can only use the custom text message so it will not change when the pictures change. Or custom phrases and words lists can be included in a licensed screen saver. See below.

With options to:
Float inspirational messages (words or phrases),
display custom text messsage or MacOS Finder Get Info comment over the images and movies.
Scan folder and display movies and picture in the folder.
Turn off images/movies, and/or messages
Set background color, and text color
Center images on the main screen.
Scan folder, and change images every x seconds.

* QT Float Requirements

MacOS requires:
Power Macintosh, 68020-, 68030-, or 68040- based Macintosh
After Dark V2.0u or later or freeware screen saver application, DarkSide (by Tom Dowdy).
QuickTime 2.5 or later (3.0 recommended).
System 7.1 or later.

Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT version requires:
Video Card that support 256 colors (thousands of colors recommended).
QuickTime 3.

* Licensing and Custom Build Options:

A special version of the QT PICT screen saver module that draws your company Logo or product logo on the screen while other images are bouncing around can be licensed. Contact Mark Fleming for details of licencing the screen saver for your companies computers.

Custom Build Options are:
  1. Custom logo imbedded in screensaver in one following locations: top left, top right, top center, floating around, bottom left, bottom center, or bottom right.
  2. Custom messages imbedded (ie. change the Words or Phrases lists) in screen saver
  3. Custom images imbedded in screen saver (no external files for user to copy and use).
  4. User selectable image file[s].
  5. Enable / hide / disable any of the user setable options.
One time pricing / build for single platform (MacOS or Windows):
$25.00US - Single copies, one computer (shareware)
$100.00US - unlimited rights to distribute the screen saver within your company.
$250.00US - unlimited rights to distribute with one product and within your company and
demo plus one copy of your product as shipped for verification of copyright.
$600.00US - unlimited rights to distribute with as may products as you like plus one copy of each product you shipped.

additional $25, $50, $125, and $300US for the other platform's screen saver module with the same basic features.

Programming changes for new features: $60.00US / hour.

Notifications of updates to new version of screen saver via e-mail on request.

Send cheque and product to, before product ships:
521 Albert Street
Kingston, Ontario
Canada, K7K 4M5

* Availability:

* Localization:

QT Float (US English, French, German, and Spanish).

* Corporate Information:


e-mail: Mark Fleming <>
Web: <>
Images of the World
521 Albert Street
Kingston, Ontario
Canada, K7K 4M5


Mark Fleming has 18 years of programming experience on many different computers including: Windows, Macintosh and Unix. Mark Fleming has focused on building reliable high quality graphics translators and screen savers for Macintosh and outdoor photography.

Some past clients include: Microsoft Corp., DigiColor Internation (UK) Inc., Bear River Associates, DIGITAL ZEN a sub-contractor for Condi Nast / Women's Sports & Fitness.

Copyright (c) 1995-1998 Mark Fleming. All rights reserved.

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