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Copyright 1999-2002, All Rights Reserved By R. Mark Fleming.
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  BBEdit plugins for HTML

MacOS 8 or 9.x
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    Change Type and Creator
    QT Still Graphics

  EPS Preview Converter
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  QT Float(tm) Screen Saver

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Press Releases...

  • 22 July 2002 - V2.1.2 PhotoMover Released. New in PhotoMover V2.1.2 is an applescript to work with iPhoto. Now use iPhoto and upload directly and easily to Club Photo, ImageStation and FotoTime.
  • 24 June 2002 - MSM IP Setup - V1.40
    - Updated to use recommended way to run command line as root (setUID).
    - Updated command line: InstallService to version 1.3 (to use SetUID and take AuthenticationRef from GUI application).
  • 15 Apr 2002 - BBEdit HTML Plugins (for MacOS 9 and X) allow you to generate correct html (including Active X support for IE 5.5SP or later on Windows) for Images, QuickTime Movies and Flash movies.
  • 24 Feb 2002 - PhotoCircus Screen Saver for Mac OS X and Background Images for use with PhotoCircus.
  • 28 Jan 2002 - MSM IP Setup V1.23 - Update to support external UI configuration files.
  • 12 Nov 2001 - MSM IP Setup V1.0 - First public version of Mac OS X 10.1 configuration tool created for Queen's University By Mark Fleming.
  • 2000 - PhotoMover
  • 21 Dec 1998 - QT Float(TM) Screen Saver - MacOS and Windows
  • 21 Dec 1998 - Images of the World CD-ROM Vol #1