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iWatermark - is the worlds No. 1 watermarking application for Mac, Windows and Mobile. Stylishly Copyright all your images in just minutes.

iKey - iKey is an automation utility, a program that creates shortcuts to accomplish repetitive tasks. In essence, an iKey shortcut is a little program in its own right, but you don't need to know the first thing about programming to create an iKey shortcut.

iClock Pro - International Clock with Calendar
1. See the Time and Date simultaneously in the menubar.
2. Get a birds eye view of user selectable time zones.
3. Customize the Time and Date display in the menubar and menu in hundreds of ways. Including changing the font, color and size.
4. Monitor your stocks on-line
5. Easy access to weather for your selected cities.
6. Custom Calendar with Themes (in a window, floating on top, or as your desktop).
7. To do list with calendar

Photomover V2.2.0 - Resize images, Convert PhotoCD's and other formats to JPG, ClubPhoto, Fototime, and DigiProofs support, improved E-mail and Upload tool.

BBEdit plugins V1.10 floating HTML tool palettes and HTML tools for HTML Editing.

MSM IP Setup is an application a user runs to install Mac OS X network configurations (dial-up and Ethernet) as defined by you, the Internet Service Provider for Mac OS X. MSM IP Setup includes documentation for creating ISP setups and address changes to where dialin script should be installed in 10.2.x and 10.3/10.4. Includes support for Apple USB Modem and Intel Macintoshes.

What's New:

24 July 2011 V1.1.2 iClock Pro Updated for Lion and Added Calendar and iClock shotcuts.

July 2006 V3.04 Released with updated user interface and floating clocks with country flags and more..

28 Mar 2006 - iClock V2.56 support for Intel and PPC as Universal binary.

28 Nov 2005 - iClock V2.53 with .Mac support.

25 Jun 2005 - Photomover V2.2.0 - Fixed bug with scaling (Thank's Tom); - Updated copyright and credits.
PhotoMover V2.1.9 - Updated FTP options, Added resizing to local folder, and improved convertion from PhotoCD's.

Apr 2005: - iClock V2.1.9 released to fix Tiger bug.

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